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My name is Jenny, I'm a mother of 2 and HypnoBirthing transformed my previous dread and fear of birth into excitement and joyful anticipation.

As a result I have had two very different but easy, comfortable and gentle births. 

Meet my Hypnobabies Harry and Millie.

When I first fell pregnant it happened in the same year we got engaged and married - so we had been very busy! In a life before children we were both dedicated and committed fitness fanatics! Spending evenings in the gym or running and weekends walking, cycling, or exploring of some kind!

I got the dreaded sickness of early pregnancy, (even worse second time) and it slowed me down enough to start mentally preparing and thinking ahead to the birth itself. To only realise that I was unbelievably petrified, full of worry and dread - I didn't want to do it - I hate pain, I hate needles and women in labour are covered in needles and wires and all sorts of medical paraphernalia, oh no I'm going to have to go to hospital - I hate hospitals (this being just a small insight into the mental chit-chatter going on inside my head at the time.) All I'd ever learned through other women in general was that none of that would matter as the pain of labour itself would be so unbearable that I wouldn't care and I'd be desperate to have any kind of drug or intervention I was offered. But why? I was spending my pregnant days avoiding medication, alcohol and generally living a healthy life, it was so unfair that women had to be put through this and why wasn't it more straight forward?!


My attitude to my up and coming birth fell in to the category of 'how do I train for this'? If I was signing up to run a marathon I wouldn't just turn up on the day and hope for the best - I'd put in some considerable training so I could be physically and mentally prepared for what lay ahead. This is exactly what HypnoBirthing™ gave me the 'prep' I needed to 1. really understand my body and the working muscles of birth and how to enable them to perform to their best. And 2. it prepared me mentally with a wealth of knowledge about birth to provide me with complete and absolute confidence in my own birthing body. I was the best designed vehicle for birth nothing else could do it better.

After all I hadn't even questioned or given any conscious thought to building my babies in my womb, my body was miraculously designed to do that and it was doing it amazingly well. So why did I believe it would fail to birth my baby - surely my body should just know how. And it did....

The facts reported by thousands of HypnoBirthing™ mothers became the truth in both of my births. They were both quick. Harry was born in 6 hours, completely naturally in water on a Midwife led unit. I felt no pain, I suffered no tears or stitches and we were home the same day.


Millies birth had special circumstances having developed gestational diabetes, there was a medical need to induce birth prior to 40 weeks gestation. After requesting and understanding all the evidence and facts surrounding the condition - I chose to accept medical intervention on a step by step process. Agreeing with my care providers to give me the space and time I wanted to allow my body to labour for itself. And so this is how Millies birth played out, following artificial rupture of membranes (having my waters broken) I requested to be left to walk and move around as I wished for a couple hours, rather than the standard procedure of being hooked up to a drip and being put onto synthetic hormones for labour induction. The words of my midwife being "I need to see enough change within 2 hours to allow you to carry on without drugs". Well Millie was in my arms 2 hours later - what else can I say! 

Thankyou HypnoBirthing™ I'm eternally grateful for the births I've had!

My perspective and experience of birth is now so far removed from what it once was. I have a compelling need to assist mothers and families achieve the births they really want. Which is why I trained to become a HypnoBirthing™ Practitioner and became Mellow Mama. It worked for me - let me show you how.

“According to physiological law, all natural functions of the body are achieved without peril or pain. Birth is a natural, normal physiological function for normal, healthy women and their healthy babies. It can, therefore, be inferred that healthy women, carrying healthy babies, can safely birth without peril or pain." 

Dr Jonathan Dye, Easier Childbirth, 1891

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